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Our Irish food company has grown substantially over the last 18 years and so has our interest in coffee.

Our first Joe’s opened in 2013 and over the years we have worked with great artisan micro roasters and specialty kit purveyors. We’ve also been so lucky to have the support and guidance of a number of phenomenal guest roasters such as: Square Mile, Intelligentsia, Koppi, Drop Coffee, Tim Wendelboe, The Coffee Collective, Five Elephants, Da Matteo and La Cabra.

But it is our relationship with main roaster, Ralf Ruller from The Barn in Berlin which has been the most important. THE BARN is a leading Speciality Coffee Roaster based in Germany dedicated to uncompromised quality and clean flavours since 2010. Why? They don't do blends. Their coffee is fully traceable and ethically sourced from sustainable farms. Ralf works with specialists in each region because he believes they are the crucial link to the farmers. These local partners are needed to build a long-term relationship and to evoke change in farm practice. 

The Barn's roast style is based on Nordic Roasting: they roast our coffees light to showcase clean flavours, terroir and the individual taste of each farm. The aim is to fully develop the sweetness and body of our coffees - at the same time keeping our roasts clean and tasty. 

But Joe's in Harvey Nichols is also about great food! Delicious artisan sandwiches showcasing some great Irish suppliers: artisan ciabattas, brioche and sourdough from The Bretzel toasted and served with homemade soups and our personal favourite: The BGC - Best Grilled Cheese featuring wonderful Wicklow brie and cheddar. For the more health-conscious, we have low carb salads and the finest cold-pressed juices and salad boxes inspired by our wheat-free, dairy-free and sugar free range of Alchemy lunch boxes, as well as our protein or spirulina balls.

We believe that great coffee is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy. In short, we are proud to be one of the 80 best coffee shops across the globe that The Barn works with. We are proud to be part of THE BARN FAMILY

Domini & Peaches Kemp,

Roark Cassidy

Directors and Co-founders of Joe's


+353 1 296 7545

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Joes Coffee

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