Runners Need @ Snow + Rock

Opening Times

  1. Mon - Closed
  2. Tue - Closed
  3. Wed - Closed
  4. Thu - Closed
  5. Fri - Closed
  6. Sat - Closed
  7. Sun - Closed


Due to Government and public health authority advice along with best practice on Coronavirus, Runners Need @ Snow + Rock is closed until further notice.

Runners Need is a specialist running retailer. The store will offer a wide range of specialist running products and advice in conjunction with video gait analysis technology to analyse customers running action and recommend appropriate running footwear. The technology, used in all Runners Need stores to fit shoes, offers customers instant visual feedback and the ability to view a side by side comparison to demonstrate the difference correct shoes make to your form. Trained staff use this feedback to examine your gait and foot strike, as part of an overall footwear assessment that determines the shoes best suited to your running profile.

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