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The year was 1973. Molton Brown opened at 58 South Molton Street in London’s Mayfair as a hair salon. The salon’s name paid homage to the location and the company set out to be unique from the start. This was a London very much in love with synthetics. But here came Molton Brown: soft, individual and Natural with a capital N. Out went hairdryers and tonging, in came finger drying. Identikit styles from TV or magazines were out, and Molton Brown brought in haircuts designed to flatter the client’s individuality.

The salon became a hit and it didn’t stop at that. The first retail products were hand-mixed upstairs from nettles and camomile; Dale Daxon Bowers joined the team in 1978 fresh from Mary Quant cosmetics, and set to work in a makeshift lab in the kitchen above Browns boutique. Dale’s passion, creativity and belief that nature would be the focus for her new inventions, was the source of a whole new range. She was a perfectionist and she wanted to follow her own path.By the 1980's the salon had evolved into the Molton Brown emporium where Dale’s plant-based make-up, hair, body, skin and grooming products were sold to those in the know. This was just the beginning and from here we were approached to supply top-end stores, airlines and hotels in cities around the world.Two decades later and our creative team have expanded out of the South Molton Street make-shift lab to a more glamorous set-up in Hertfordshire, just outside London.

Today the scale is bigger, but the same passion still flows through the veins of the company and inspires everything we do. You can now experience our creations in more than 70 countries world-wide, in our own emporium, spas and online and in the world’s leading luxury hotels and airlines. Welcome to today’s Molton Brown.

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