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Hottest toys for Christmas 2017

The festive season is here, which means eager little hands are frantically writing their letters to Father Christmas!


This year, we’re here to help you get ahead with your present buying with our roundup of the most-wanted toys for Christmas 2017 (and you can pick them all up at Dundrum Town Centre). Just call us Santa’s Little Helpers. 

We guarantee this’ll have the whole family in stitches – what’s not funny about splatting a pie in grumpy granny’s face? This new version of the game works like a carnival strength tester: one player stands, looks through the mask while other players hammer the base plate to see if they can ‘pie’ their opponent. Tip: remember to record the action on your smartphone (it looks great in slow-mo) – hey presto, your very own viral video.

Our pick: Pie Face Sky High Game, €21.54, Argos

cozmo robot

Say hello to the new edition to the family: Cozmo, a pint-sized robot with a big personality. He’s always up for playing games (watch out, he’s seriously competitive), but ignore him at your peril: a bored and cranky robot prowling the house is a force to be reckoned with. The more you interact with Cozmo, the more his character develops. Ready to roll straight out the box, use your smartphone or tablet to discover even more clever functions that’ll bring Cozmo to life. 

Our pick: Anki Cozmo Robot, €239.99, Argos
teddy bear

Tyler is taking the toy world by storm – but he’s no ordinary toy tiger, he’s pretty roarsome (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Attempt your most terrifying roar and he’ll roar back at you, give him a stroke behind the ears and he’ll respond too. With over 100 sound and motion combinations, this pet tiger will make your little one go wild with excitement. 

Our pick: Roarin Tyler the Playful Tiger, €119.99, Argos
Star Wars bear

Unless you live under a soundproofed rock, you’ll be aware that Star Wars: The Last Jedi officially hits cinemas on 14 December. Fans young, old (and very old if you count us) cannot get enough of the sci-fi saga so you can’t go wrong with a Darth Vader bear. Add his iconic breathing sound and red Lightsaber and they’ve got their very own cute and cuddly Dark Side villain. 

Our pick: Darth Vader™ Bear,€32, Build-A-Bear

Rubik’s cube

Let’s face it – this retro puzzle never gets old and hooks anyone who dares try it the minute it’s out of the box. But, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise, after 40 year we’re going to have to reluctantly admit it’s beaten us. We will, however, spend a good half an hour hogging it before begrudgingly handing it to our 10-year-old niece (who will no doubt master it in a nanosecond). Coming in at €12.69, it’s the perfect stocking filler/secret Santa gift. 

Our pick: Rubik's cube, €12.69, Argos

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