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Bloss has Arrived!

The Bloss Winter Capsule is a luxury showcase and pop-up shop featuring 30 established and emerging Irish designers.

Bloss, the phonetic spelling for Irish word ‘blas’, meaning taste, is everything the design duo wanted to capture in this collective.  

Bloss founders, designers Emma Manley and Jenny Huston, alongside their accountant Paul Haycock, see the showcase as a new channel to sell Irish luxury designs. The store will host a range of cutting edge and classic, Irish designed women’s, men’s and children’s fashions as well as homewares, jewellery, millinery and accessories.

Speaking about the store launch, Bloss founder and designer Emma Manley said,

“We have incredible design talent on our Island and myself and Jenny are so proud to be able to bring 30 Irish brands directly to customers. Each brand sold in Bloss is one we admire and we feel represents the very best of Irish design right now.”

“We believe we can compete with European, American and labels from around the globe – It’s time to really celebrate our designers, both emerging and established.”

“There is strength in numbers and what feels near impossible for one growing brand is very achievable when great brands come together.” said Bloss co-founder Jenny Huston of Edge Only.

“As designers Emma and I understand the challenges of a production business. We are building Bloss to elevate Irish fashion internationally and bring discerning customers to the brands we love.”

Speaking about the opening of Bloss, Don Nugent, General Manager of Dundrum Town Centre, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Bloss, quality design from Ireland, to Dundrum Town Centre. Bloss will offer a unique opportunity for Dundrum shoppers to enjoy and support 30 very talented, established and emerging Irish designers. 

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