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In developing a 21st century Town Centre, the developers of Dundrum Town Centre were cognisant of its past. With a history dating back more than 400 years however the Town Centre site was officially recognised in 1602 when the Fitzwilliam Family who controlled the Dundrum area mentioned a corn mill in their records.

By 1800, the numbers of mills in Dundrum had doubled – the Statistical Survey of County Dublin, carried out in that year made reference to two mills – a paper mill and an Iron Works.

The newly refurbished Mill Pond situated in the heart of Dundrum Town Centre was first mentioned in 1821 when a map of Dublin City and County showed two buildings straddling either side of the Slang River, with a pond located to the south. In 1864, the Manor Mill Laundry first appeared on the site and records show that the laundry and ancillary buildings had been taken on a 21 year lease by a Mr Edmondson, the Manor Mill Laundry stayed in the Edmondson Family for three generations until the family relinquished the premises in 1909, the title passing to the Manor Mill Laundry Company. Some investments were made in the 1930’s including the installation of a water turbine, most likely for generating electricity but in 1942 during the emergency, the laundry ceased operations. One year later, the site was acquired by the Pye Ireland which at its peak employed 1,200 people at the electronics factory, Pye Ireland closed in 1985 and the units were sublet.

In 2000, Crossridge Developments were granted planning permission for the creation of a new Town Centre. Changes in local government in the 1990’s and the establishment of the four City and County Councils in Dublin allowed for a more targeted approach to development within each borough, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown was to create a poly centric settlement pattern, that is to develop existing towns within the county which would be connected by good public transport – Dundrum was developed under this pattern.

Site work on Dundrum Town Centre began in 2001 and the mammoth task of transforming a 400 year old village to a 21st century town centre was underway.


In March 2005, Dundrum Town Centre opened its doors to the public, the evolution will continue with Phase Two in the near future – the development of Village Mill to Town Centre is well under way.

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