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Dundrum Town Centre is a Hammerson-operated shopping centre. As a business, we aim to create retail destinations that deliver net positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally, through leading-edge design, operational efficiency and a culture of respect and responsibility. By 2030 we will be a Net Positive company for carbon, resource use, water and socio-economic impacts. 

Follow the Hammerson journey here, with access to key documents, our latest performance data and updates on our company initiatives.

At Dundrum Town Centre we are working with Hammerson to reduce our environmental impact. 


Energy consumption
We saved 12% on our gas consumption, which is equivalent to making 41,419,872 cups of tea!

Water consumption
We reduced our water consumption by 8%, equivalent to 4,9216 Olympic sized swimming pools!

We recycled 95% of our waste. The rest was used for energy generation – we send nothing to landfill.

In 2019 we will focus on:
Reducing electricity consumption with improvements to our  ventilation and lighting systems; 
Increasing recycling rates through improved operational controls; and
Continuing to work with our partners to engage with educational facilities and develop work based skills.

Our Beehive
Dundrum Town Centre currently has 6 beehives on site! Bees have experienced a huge decline in the past number of years and we are committed to giving them a home where they can have happy and healthy colonies. Honeybees play a vital role in our community so we have created a rich diversity of flowers and plants for them to feed on. 

Bug Hotel
Dundrum Town Centre has built a Bug Hotel in our perennial garden which is providing a safe habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. Our Bug Hotel is made from 100% recycled material. We do not use pesticides in any of our gardens which is giving these important creatures the best chance to thrive.



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