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The student gadget survival kit

Heading off to university can be an exciting, but stressful, time for new students and parents alike. Make it that little bit easier and send your not-so-little-ones off with the kit they need to tackle all the challenges of their first year in uni. From life lessons to laptops, send them on their way with our top commandments and the products they need to help them out…


If there’s one must-have item every student needs, it’s a laptop. This essential gadget will become their best friend, so get them one that can handle the workload: make sure it’s lightweight and easy enough to carry from lecture-to-lecture, has a good battery life to support them during those all-nighters, and a generous storage to house those all-important essays.

Our pick: Apple MacBook Air, starting from €1,129, CompuB

Counteract all those late nights they’ll spend in the, urm, library with a trusty smoothie maker. These foodie gadgets are great for adding some much-needed vitamins and minerals to their diets and the easiest way to ensure they don’t live purely on leftover pizza and microwavable noodles. Go for one with multiple power settings which can tackle everything from nuts to frozen fruit and who knows, maybe they’ll may even branch out and rustle up some soups and sauces too!

Our pick: NutriBullet Juicer Blender, starting from €xx, House of Fraser

University is definitely not all work and no play, so arm them with something to help them make the most out of their downtime. A pair of portable, wireless speakers with built-in Bluetooth are a no-brainer. Whether they’re hosting a get-together at home or spending the day out in the park, these nifty gadgets are essential for chill times. Look out for a pair that have decent audio quality and a good battery life to keep the good times going for longer.

Our pick: Bose SoundLink Speakers, €229.95, Bose

It might be an obvious one, but choosing the right phone is essential. Never will the words ‘sorry mam, you’re breaking up’ be a valid excuse when they have the latest, do-it-all smart phone at their fingertips. As well as crystal clear calls, they also have endless apps available from a calendar to help them keep track of their timetables, to dictaphones that can record their lectures for them. The possibilities are endless!

Our pick: Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone, €799.99 (SIM free), Vodafone

Healthy body, healthy mind - right? Student life can take its toll so get them a fitness tracker and make it easier for them stay active and get a good night’s kip. With night monitors managing their sleep to a stepometer clocking up all of those miles around campus, these handy little gadgets have everything they need in one place. Some also come with a GPS tracker to map their distance, and can even sync with their smart phones so they can keep an eye on their progress.

Our pick: Fitbit Alta HR, starting from €169.99, Argos

With that sorted, now all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for them to return with their laundry bag…

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